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Steel Sheds Christchurch

Steel Shed Systems Christchurch is a design and engineering firm that produces purpose-built commercial, industrial and rural buildings in the Christchurch and Canterbury region. Our knowledgeable team works with you closely from day one to first establish your building requirements - whatever your business - and then to design and build a building that will exactly meet those requirements. Our buildings provide superior strength, design and functionality, as well as offering excellent value. Our ability to include architectural features into your design means you receive a stand-out, attractive building. 


At Steel Shed Systems we take the time to explain all the choices available to you at each stage of your project , and the combination of your vision with and the skills and experience of our enterprising design and engineering team, the end result is a top quality steel building. Our building projects are locally made using both cold form and structural steel.

Our buildings are independently engineered, which means we have no concerns about meeting any potential new building regulations in the Canterbury region going forward. We know our lightweight steel design that offers outstanding strength, but at reduced weight, is an excellent choice for building or rebuilding in Christchurch conditions.

Talk to the team at Steel Sheds Bay of Plenty about your building needs. We will commission our engineer to provide a preliminary engineering design to suit your requirements - completely free of charge.  This preliminary design will encompass the conditions, requirements for, and site of the building you have specified to us, It will include accurate prices of your potential project, saving future processing time and your money – all this with no obligation for you to proceed!


Our processes mean our clients are totally involved in all design decisions and are apprised of budgeting and costs right from the word go. We will discuss every option we have available with you. Your vision and our design and engineering experience and knowledge in combination, means you will have a finished product that satisfies your every requirement.


Our buildings are 100% New Zealand made and utilise both structural and lightweight steel.

The Steel Shed System

  • We design and plan out your build from start to finish using our professional design software.
  • Your building will be designed and built to your exact requirements.
  • We run an ongoing detailed budget for you and keep track of every cost.
  • We manage your entire project, including looking after sub-traders and suppliers.
  • We work with local and national authorities, planners, and engineers to ensure your building will be both safe and legally compliant.
  • Our buildings are designed to meet and certified by the New Zealand building code, and exceed all applicable New Zealand standards.
  • Our approach to the work we do for architects, engineers and builders is flexible and guided by the overarching aim of great customer service.

Steel Shed Systems: Smarter, Stronger, Superior

  • The steel we use is made from natural resources and can be recycled and reused.
  • Our steel structures are flexible, strong, and very durable.
  • Our portal frame systems offer excellent weight-bearing.
  • The foundations of all our buildings are reinforced with high tensile steel up to three metres deep. This key strength component placed in the foundations allows us to design your building freely, with considerably fewer engineering restrictions.

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Steel Shed Systems now offers the new Eco Series for smaller building requirements (9-14m spans). For more information about this new product range, click here.